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No, not that kind of "mob"

The name Mobopolis was inspired by Nancy Pelosi's comments regarding the TEA Party. Among other names, she called TEA partiers Mobsters, Nazis and Astroturf. Democracy is mob rule, where 51% of the people make life a living hell for the other 49%. Our country was never intended to be a democracy, the word democracy was never mentioned in our founding documents, yet that is all you hear leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama calling our system of government. America is a Constitutional Republic.

The goal of a Constitutional Republic was to avoid the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy, but that doesn't fit the leftist's agenda, which is exactly that, tyranny and rule by the mob. A mob could be a good thing, if it were a bunch of freedom loving patriots, that want nothing more than to live and let live, and that embrace the principles of freedom and liberty. Mobopolis is a home for this type of mobster. Leftists currently have their own mobsters called antifa (anti-fascist), who are masked, violent thugs. They will beat you for carrying an American flag or voicing an opinion they disagree with. The lines are drawn. It's clear who the good guys are.

Born To Run... Away.

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I use Photoshop to express my political opinions and release steam. Some of my pieces are not so subtle. I have a very dry sense of humor, and I don't care much for political correctness, so I really don't care if you're offended :-). My art form is photo "chopping". I take bits and pieces of photographs and render them into something new. I mainly focus on political satire but I do not limit myself to politics. I also do commission work, i.e.: book covers, web graphics, etc.. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or would like a quotation for a project. Thanks for visiting! ~David Bugnon

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. ~Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)